“We live in a toxic environment”: Tips for a natural detoxification with Daniela Silva

Diana Salazar - Biologist and yoga trainerThis lapidary phrase was one of the ones used by the holistic nutritionist Daniela Silva during the last talk that took place at the Green Center Santa Ana facilities, on June 30, and in conjunction with the yoga teacher and biologist Diana Salazar.

This talk dealt with the topic of toxicity and natural forms of detoxification, a subject that is part of the joint work carried out by Salazar and Silva, who offer detoxification programs together.

The talk, after the introduction of Salazar, consisted of two parts: one on the many factors in the environment that make it “toxic” and another with practical advice to detoxify the organism naturally.

The toxicity of day to day

holistic nutritionist Daniela Silva“What is a toxin?” Silva asked; So he began his talk, commenting how there are a lot of toxins that exist in the environment (products that we use in our body, pesticides, air pollution, cleaning products) and even some generated by our own body, which cause inflammation, they affect the work of the organism in the day to day (fatigue, lack of energy), and can degenerate into important health disorders.

It is difficult to control the amount of toxins that people encounter every day, but there are some practical tips to reduce certain daily contacts:

  • Do not drink liquids from plastic bottles exposed to the sun, as the plastic degrades with heat.
  • Look for pans that do not release waste of any kind, hopefully titanium or stainless steel
  • Search mattresses without fire retardant (PBDE).
  • Do not heat plastic containers in the microwave; pass the food to a plate.

How to start natural detoxification with some practical advice

Although Silva considers that the detoxification programs, controlled in specific periods of time, are better to deal with imbalances in the body (in sexual desire, in digestion, in sleep, etc.) and pains of various types ( like the pre-menstrual ones), she also recommends some practical tips to start that detoxification process, which helps to reconnect with the body.

According to Silva, to start eliminating toxins from your body, you can start with these simple steps, which also recommends that they become -at least one of them- habits:

  1. Start the day with a glass of water with lemon juice, an excellent way to alkalize your body (remember that it is important to keep the PH of your body balanced, slightly alkaline, to prevent it from becoming very acidic).
  2. Take green smoothies. A recipe for these is the following: pineapple, ginger, orange, spinach, celery; preferably organic.
  3. Extraction with oil: it is an Indian method and is similar to a type of oral cleaning that “pulls” – “oil pulling” – the toxins and that consists in keeping in the mouth, as soon as one gets up, a spoonful of oil ( of coconut, virgin olive, etc.) for 15 or 20 minutes and then spit that oil in a container (not directly to the flow of water, if possible, find where to recycle the oil).
  4. Dry brushing: with a thick brush of natural fibers, start brushing in long movements starting at the legs and going up to the trunk, to stimulate the lymphatic system.
  5. Do some daily meditation: even if it’s five minutes a day, look for that space of calm and relaxation.



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