Green Center Organic Supermarket specializes in the sale of products that are friendly to the environment and healthy in all categories: groceries, including dairy and meats, household, health and beauty products. Green Center Organic Supermarket offers the finest natural and organic foods available and maintains the strictest quality standards.

Green Center Organic Supermarket seeks to promote a quality of life in harmony with nature, providing people with the tools to reduce their environmental impact and have healthier habits. We are on a mission.

Mission, Vision y Values


Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of the environment and the impact of our actions, as well as giving us options to be part of the solution and reduce our ecological footprint.


Our vision is to be the most reliable source of environmentally friendly products, provide vital information for the consumer and the most pleasant shopping experience.


  • Awareness: We are aware of our presence in the world and our relationship with the environment.

  • Integrity: We are transparent in what we d.

  • Diversity: We strive to be the One-Stop solution for the conscious consumer. If it‘s organic or at least the best possible product at this moment and in Costa Rica, then we‘ll have it in Green Center Organic Supermarket.

  • Quality: We learn and improve every day.

  • Fair Trade: We value the work of all our partners. We seek and cherish long-term relationships.

  • Passion:We are committed with our heart and mind. We really, really mean this!

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